Frequently Asked Questions about our products

Is there a warranty?
Yes. Any failure due to manufacturing will be solved for a period of 5 years.

What materials are used?
The planters are manufactured of stainless steel, the inside is spray painted with protective coating to make the planters water resistant.

Can the planters be used indoor?
Yes. The planters have been designed for indoor and outdoor use. However, as drainage holes in the base of the planter are an optional feature, it is recommended to fit an impermeable liner for indoor use, to avoid unwanted watermarks on flooring.

Can the planters used near a swimming pool?
Yes. For planters placed in swimming pool areas a special stainless steel quality must be used. So it’s important for us to know in advance where our planters are being placed.

Can the planters be used near the seaside?
Yes. For outside usage of planters in a salty en corrosive environment we use a special stainless steel quality. So it’s important for us to know in advance where our planters are being placed.

How can I clean the planters?
A damp cloth or sponge should be used to clean the planters. If required a simple detergent can be used. The coating has a high life expectancy similar to that of a car’s bodywork. If the planters are cleaned regularly, they will retain their appearance even after a long period of use.
DO NOT use scouring cleaners or the scouring side of a sponge or similar. The use of these can lead to surface damage, wich in combination with weather can eventually lead to corrosion.
In addition, cleaning in the nearby surrounding of the planter with aggressive and/or acid detergents may affect the surface of the planter.

Are the planters heat and frost resistant?
Yes, the planters are heat and frost resistant. If they are exposed to bright sunlight they can get a warm surface, especially the planters with a dark finish.
TIP: To protect your plants from heat and frost, bubble wrap foil can be used – simply use it to line the inside walls of the planter before filling it up with soil.

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